Pre-bagged products for the mining sector

20 March 2020

Above or below ground mining activities require
materials to be of an exacting standard and to meet high safety requirements.
Technicrete has a unique range of pre-bagged concrete mixes as well as
heavy-duty blocks which not only meet these safety concerns but offer effective
and cost effective solutions for applications in the mining sector.

The pre-bagged products from Technicrete offer an
all-in-one solution such as concrete in various strength grades, high abrasion
resistant concrete, pumpable concrete and special grouts, all of which can be
tailor-made for specific solutions.

The pre-bagged concrete mixes are used for the
construction of dams, floors, box fronts, drains, sumps, foundations to
machinery, sprayed concrete for support and abrasion resistant applications.

range of specialised options

Some of the specialised pre-bagged mixes include Ore
Pass Lining which is a special concrete that is used for the lining of ore
passes and underground silos where high abrasion resistant properties are
required. It is easy to mix and place with minimal vibrating required.

HT Wetcrete is a pre-bagged wet shotcrete mix for use
in underground support, rockface lining, or in structural repair
situations. Two versions are available the fibre-reinforced or the
non-reinforced types both providing excellent pumping characteristics. HT
Wetcrete drastically reduces rebound characteristics, whilst rebound
losses are normally reduced to 5% of total material sprayed. This offers the
customer lower wastage and cleaning costs.

The Drycrete product is a dry shotcrete mix for use in
underground support, rockface lining, or in structural repair situations. It
can be supplied with or without steel fibre reinforcing or polypropylene
reinforcing. Quick set characteristics are available for applications where an
early strength gain is required.

Roof Bolt Grout is a pre-bagged cementitious grout
material for use in rock anchor support. It can easily be pumped
using different types of pumping equipment and is supplied in standard, medium
or quick set materials providing a choice of required support
characteristics.  The Standard set Roof Bolt Grout has a pull-out strength
that exceeds 10 tons at 24 hours (tested using 300mm pipe section pull out
test), when the correct water/cement ratios are used. The product does not
segregate during pumping operation.

Other specialised pre-bagged options include: Buildmix,
Boxcrete, HSWR, Pumpcrete, Novax, Plastermix, Technimix, TSL and Voidcrete, all
of which have specific applications for use in the mining sector.

Key factors in the successful application of the
Technicrete pre-bagged cement products are: water/cement ratio. Compaction,
mixing, curing and the cement type. All products are manufactured to ISO
9001:2015 quality assurance programmes with daily testing conducted. These
reports are available to mine quality officers. All of the materials used in
the manufacturing process are compliant with SABS specifications.

Some of the benefits associated with pre-bagged
material includes: cost efficiencies, correct mix design without guesswork,
easy transportation and handling, quality assured performance by independent
testing authority with consistent performance of final material throughout the
projects lifespan.

The technical team at Technicrete is available to
assist with any specific application requirements customers may need.

Technicrete is part of the IS Group of companies which
includes Rocla.

Further information is available from: Malebusa
Sebatane, Tel: 011 670 7600 Cell: 078 803 9863 email: [email protected]

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