Power tools innovation leads to industry growth

14 April 2020

The power tools market is on the rise and there are “exciting trends and innovations emerging” in the industry, says power tools and hardware wholesaler Matus marketing manager Candice Knipe-Tlhotlhalemajoe

Some of these innovative trends include cordless power tools, battery switches and product development – with the Hikoki multivoltage range being “the answer to these industry trends”, Knipe-Tlhotlhalemajoe points out.

“The current shift from corded to cordless tools means that users are now also able to run longer on one charge.”

She notes that charge times have also shifted, for instance the 36 V – 2.5 Ah/18 V – 5.0 Ah (dual voltage) takes about 32 minutes to charge and the 36 V – 4.0 Ah/18 V – 8.0 Ah (dual voltage) takes about 52 minutes depending on the application.

“This means that you can charge while having lunch which reduces your down times and increases your productivity.”

The increasing prevalence of cordless power tools has also resulted in a long battery life for these tools, she adds.

Consequently, lithium-ion batteries are replacing nickel-cadmium- and nickel-metal-hydride-powered tools, which is another trend in the industry.

Owing to this, companies have been doing research and development on bolstering tool strength and life span, Knipe-Tlhotlhalemajoe points out.

In this regard, Matus launched the Hikoki multivolt range last year in August. The range is mostly used in the industrial, construction, engineering, retail, do-it-yourself and mining sectors.

“Hikoki, as a brand, is highly innovative and what sets it apart from its comparable rivals is the new multivolt battery product range.”

The range complements the existing range, as the Hikoki multivolt batteries are the same size and weight as the 18 V packs and work across all the Hikoki 18 V cordless tool range, as well as the new 36 V cordless tool range, “proving the brand’s dedication to innovation”.

This innovative product allows users the freedom of a 36 V cordless power tool with the power of alternating current and the freedom of direct current, adds Knipe-Tlhotlhalemajoe.

The double-voltage supply of the alternating current and direct current in one battery means it can be snapped into place and powered on, regardless of whether 36 V or 18 V tools are used, says Matus power tools category manager Dylan Thomas.

Meanwhile, Matus has appointed Robin Coen as its MD.

“Years of experience make him well respected and qualified to keep Matus on its successful course and make it even greater going forward,” concludes Knipe-Tlhotlhalemajoe.


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