Plan to make up lost time on W. Cape’s R60 and R62 upgrade

20 March 2018

The Western Cape government has said that a plan is in place to make up for lost time on a Department of Transport and Public Works (DTPW) contract to rehabilitate and upgrade various sections of the R60 and R62 between Ashton and Montagu through Cogmanskloof.

Work on this R583-million contract is expected to be complete early in 2019.At the western end of Ashton, construction is complete on Main road between Ashton Cellars and Middle street, while work is under way on the northern lanes between Middle street and Bruwer street.A portion of the south side lines is complete at the eastern end, and work on the northern lanes is currently under way.

Two-way traffic is being maintained through Ashton, the DTPW said on Friday.In Cogmanskloof, Phase C6 works started early this year with some rock blasting required in this phase, the DTPW warns motorists to be aware of the blasting schedule.However, when the road is open, stop-go controls will manage one-way traffic along this section. A waiting time of up to 20 minutes is advised.

Roadworks on Phases C3, C4, C7 and C8 are almost complete, the DTPW said.A stop-go control is in place in Phase C7/C8 to facilitate the construction of stone walls.This section includes a portion of road into Montagu around Voortrekker bridge to enable work on the bridge to be completed.Meanwhile, the DTPW highlighted that roadconstruction in Montagu is almost complete and that two-way traffic has been restored along the length of Long street.

The installation of kerbs and construction of sidewalks is under way, with some of the last work in Montagu including the laying of the final asphalt layer along the central part of Long street, as well as restoring access to this road from several side streets.The construction of the western portion of Van Riebeeck street will begin later this year. 

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