Phase one of Nigeria’s 1,800 unit homes to be completed by year-end

20 September 2018

Nigeria is set to complete 86 units of the Emoten gardens in Edo state by end of this year. This will act as a show phase as the rest of the units are built.

Isoken Omo, the Executive Chairman, Edo Development and Property Agency (EDPA) said the first set of home owners will not only live there but will also have access to electricity, lawns and roads. Ms. Omo further explained that there were residential plots of 450 m2 land or 900 m2 land for those who prefer building for themselves as long as they adhere to the design guide. According to her, the design is to ensure homogeneity. There will also be commercial plots with shopping malls built on them.

In addition, Ms. Omo added that within the estate there will be essentially everything one needs in a community such as school hospitals and a police station.

Together with the entry fee, one is required to have a Know Your Customer (KYC) form and a 25% down payment at expression of interest. Ms. Omo explained that the KYC form was to ensure money came from a clean channel. Once completed, one pays the deposit and the EDPA sends them an offer letter with the terms of payment. 80% of the building materials for the Emotan Gardens project are locally acquired.

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