Pemba Airport to undergo major upgrade

15 May 2018

The Pemba Airport will undergo a major upgrade in order to accommodate bigger planes. This is according to the government of Zanzibar.

According to Seif Ali Iddi, the Vice President, the ongoing budget sessions for the Zanzibar House of Representatives aim to see the airport handling some international flights.

However, the actual project cost is not yet known. Ali Iddi further revealed that various measurements are being undertaken by experts from Egypt on how the airport can be upgraded. Moreover, the project will be funded by the African Development Bank (AfDB). Additionally; the House of representative are requested to endorse the project budget estimates for his office for the financial year 2018/19.

The project is currently undergoing a feasibility study before the actual construction kicks off and on completion, the airport projected is expected to bring hope for the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar such that the upgrade exercise will play an increasingly important role in the endeavor to increase the number of tourists visiting the semi-autonomous Indian Ocean archipelago. Tourism accounts for 27% of Zanzibar’s gross domestic product.

About Pemba Airport

Located on Pemba Island, Pemba Airport is an airport in the Zanzibar Archipelago. The airport is also known as Karume Airport and Wawi Airport. The airport is located about 7 km southeast of Chake-Chake, the capital of the island. However, the Zanzibar government is looking into the possibility of renaming the airport to Thabit Kombo Jecha in recognition of his role in the Zanzibar Revolution.

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