27 March 2024

Caption: Craig Sheppard of ELB Equipment with an Ammann AV70X tandem roller

South Africa’s largest multi-franchise equipment supplier ELB Equipment, has moved speedily to supply machines needed to uplift the country’s road infrastructure as much anticipated funds are released by Government to complete a plethora of projects.

At the forefront of its offering are the pavers, compactors and rollers from global leader Ammann, which are used in conjunction as hyper-efficient paving trains to surface, compact and finish roads to exact specifications using the latest technology in road construction. The Ammann paving trains can cut road construction times considerably and are able to provide higher quality surfaces than traditional methods.

ELB Equipment’s road and compaction equipment specialist, Craig Shappard, says that the company works with the country’s leading road construction contractors and are ready to supply paving trains and other road construction equipment as the contracts are awarded.

“A typical Ammann configuration consists of a AFW700-3 paver, AV70X tandem roller and AP240 pneumatic roller working in tandem. With a paving speed of up to 30m per minute it is clear to see why this paver leads the paving train lineup. In addition, it is able to pave extra wide sections with up to three metre width and deep runs of up to 300mm deep. It also allows either electric or gas heating of the screeds depending on the requirements.

“With its advanced Pavemanager 2.0 control automated paving system the paver is able to constantly monitor the process and provides feedback to operators. It also controls many key functions for precise results. Some other features include:

  • CAN-based control system
  • Connected both to the main operator control and to the screed remote control panels
  • Full overview of the complete paving process
  • Automatic programming of slope and / or crowning
  • Constant operator feedback
  • Saves and loads paving parameters for each layer (memory function)
  • Automatic levelling system
  • Offers colour displays and intuitive menus and functions on both, the main dashboard and the remote controls

Similarly, the screeds provide infinite settings with concentric flexilevers for rapid and automatic changes of the angle of attack. Efficient side shield controls can be operated from behind the screed with a single crank for safety purposes. High compaction screeds for thick layers and roller compacted concrete can also be used. The powerful machines are available in either 4- or 6-wheel drive depending on traction requirements.

In the most common configuration of the paving train the paver is followed by a Ammann AV70X articulated tandem roller. This combines drum dimensions, frequencies and amplitudes to deliver optimum compaction results. The roller has two frames connected by an oscillating joint that enables crab steering on each side. The crab steering provides increased compaction output and responsiveness, which is crucial on any jobsite.

A unique propulsion system drives the roller and the powertrain is situated in the rear frame with independent pumps for drive and vibration which provides optimal traction and compaction force.  With an operating weight of nearly 8-tons the roller provides a wide range of amplitude, frequency and centrifugal forces to ensure correct compaction of any road sub bases and surfaces. A high-capacity water tank and the ability to work on steep gradients makes the Ammann AV70X suitable for most road projects.

Last, but not least of the machines in the paving train is the Ammann AP240 Tier 3 pneumatic tyred roller which has a ballasting range of 9.5 tonnes to 24 tonnes helps make the Ammann AP 240 Tier 3 Pneumatic Tyred Roller a good fit on diverse jobsites.

Also helping with flexibility is the air-on-the-run system, which the operator uses to adjust tyre pressures without ever leaving the cab. The optional Ammann Traction Control (ATC) boosts productivity on tough terrain. Its proven hydrodynamic propulsion system ensures productivity while it shares a common thread in reliability and durability with the other machines in the train which ensures the best possible reliability and durability in our tough African conditions.

“Paving trains are just a part of the solution best suited for main roads, national carriageways and freeways, while ELB Equipment’s full range of compactors, graders and other equipment ensures that there is a solution for every road requirement. Our footprint also extends throughout the region wherever roads need to be built and maintained,” concludes Craig.

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