29 May 2024

Dominic Collett, expertise lead: land infrastructure built environment, Zutari.

Zutari and 4Sight collaborate on sustainable smart infrastructure. This is part one of a two-part series.

Since announcing a partnership in 2022, leading consulting engineering and infrastructure advisory firm Zutari and AltX-listed 4Sight have refined their unique service offering by working on some of the largest and most complex mega projects in the Middle East, as well as major projects in South Africa.

“We offer a differentiated service not found in any typical consulting engineering practice. Bringing our two companies together really complements our capabilities. We can address aspects that others cannot. Obviously, when we started, we needed to understand each other. We knew what we wanted to do, and we have come a long way since then,” comments Martin Smith, design director, expertise leader, Zutari.

“Zutari brings parallel domain expertise to the table within the design and optimisation of the built environment. 4Sight is strong in technical systems and data analytics and pushes the envelope in terms of what we can do. All traditional services joining the two companies gives us that new ‘blue ocean’ approach, meaning we believe there’s no other company in the world that can actually provide such a partnership as a viable business model,” comments Jeandré du Randt, BE Innovation Lead, 4Sight.

“Our philosophy at is that you can have the best technology in the world, but if you do not have the expertise, you cannot implement it. We have proven that with our specialist engineers and technical people in the mining environment. We do not have that in the built environment. Zutari puts us in a position where we can really differentiate ourselves in this market sector,” highlights Rudi Dreyer, chief business environment officer, 4Sight.

The company brings to the technology table an enterprise data management layer that is sustainable, scalable and robust, affording clients the opportunity to upgrade their ICT as more cost-effective technology becomes available. “By applying that to the built environment, with Zutari’s domain expertise, we can go many steps further once we have created that single version of the truth and all its attendant data,” says Du Randt.

“Zutari has extensive experience in developing sustainability strategies. 4Sight closes the loop by providing the analytics that show the customer where they are precisely in terms of their sustainability strategy’s performance. This is where we introduce smart technology and take it to the next level, which is essentially a cognitive leap in applying AI to understand individual clients and their requirements and preferences,” explains Du Randt.

“Combine that with all the data over the entire building, city or asset, and we can make specific recommendations to a single project, while understanding the entire data landscape. This is groundbreaking, and we are collaborating with some of the best companies in the world on these mega projects. It is a positive demonstration that Zutari and 4Sight have truly created a ‘blue ocean’ value proposition,” says Du Randt.

The approach is applicable to both smart buildings, cities, and infrastructure, says Dominic Collett, expertise lead: land infrastructure built environment, Zutari. “Within the realm of land infrastructure, our focus extends beyond mere construction; it centres on enhancing traffic flow and mobility. Herein lies the significance of intelligent traffic management systems, shaping the future of transportation efficiency.

Collett emphasises the importance of the partnership engaging in globally renowned projects, akin to tackling ‘Rolls Royce’ projects. “These endeavours epitomise technological advancement and innovative implementation. He underscores that participating in such ventures is essential for elevating how technology is implemented in the African context. Without involvement in these international initiatives, the drive to adopt and adapt such technology locally would be compromised.”

Partnerships such as that between Zutari and 4sight play a vital role in transport systems, facilitating the modelling of people’s movements to enhance efficiency and connectivity. As Collett highlights, without such collaboration, leveraging technology to address challenges becomes significantly constrained.

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