20 June 2024

Jacqueline Floor, lead process engineer: Zutari.

In this six-part series, Zutari commemorates the annual event that celebrates the incredible contributions of women engineers worldwide, International Women in Engineering Day (INWED).

INWED marks its 11th anniversary in 2024 under the theme of #Enhancedbyengineering. This year, INWED celebrates women engineers who have enhanced lives and livelihoods through their work. These remarkable individuals contribute to building a brighter future for all of us.

Jacqueline Floor, lead process engineer

Floor obtained her chemical engineering degree from the University of Pretoria. Concurrently, she worked in the ferrochrome smelting industry for two years while pursuing her honours in metallurgical engineering. Following this, she spent 13 years in the petrochemical industry, initially serving as a plant support engineer at Sasol before transitioning to a role in projects and process improvement.

Recently she took on the role of Lead Process Engineer at Zutari where she oversees a team of six skilled professionals dedicated to diverse projects spanning multiple countries. Her responsibilities encompass the entire project lifecycle, from concept to detailed engineering design, all while collaborating closely with other disciplines such as mechanical engineering. Each project presents its unique challenges, ensuring an engaging and ever-growing journey for all.

“In the vast field of engineering, there are countless avenues to discover where you truly belong, and you will surely find your happy place. I am passionate about engineering because it ticks so many boxes: challenging, satisfying, teamwork and with purpose,” says Floor.

Zutari plays a significant role in promoting inclusion and diversity through various strategic initiatives, such as enabling leaders with transformational capabilities, enabling teams to develop an inclusive culture, and proactively assisting all employees to feel welcome, understanding and learning more about diversity.

“Engaging in engineering and pursuing a career as an engineer enriches and enhances one’s personal growth, elevating a person to greater heights. This journey contributes to becoming an even more adept mother, wife, daughter, or person,” says Floor.

Women in engineering have made significant contributions to the field, paving the way for others to follow. “Do not underestimate yourself. Push ahead to become what you aspire to be, making a positive impact in the world and the lives of those around you. Being an engineer is a fulfilling career,” she concludes.

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