05 March 2024

Caption: Megan de Jongh, senior engineer, AECOM.

World Engineering Day on 4 March is a significant occasion to recognise the pivotal role of engineering in shaping our world. This is Part 3 of a three-part series.

Megan de Jongh, senior engineer

“As engineers, we have the unique opportunity and responsibility to design and implement solutions that address environmental and social challenges that can lead to a more sustainable future,” says De Jongh. A senior engineer in the water business line, she obtained her BEng (Civil) from Stellenbosch University and has worked for AECOM for seven years.

She says that World Engineering Day creates global awareness for challenges such as climate change and water scarcity. It recognises engineering’s contribution to solving these challenges and inspires future generations to pursue careers that makes positive and lasting impacts on the world.

As stormwater engineers, the team works on various projects that target the preservation of valuable natural resources. This is particularly important in the context of sustainability. Water-sensitive urban design principles are applied to urban planning and stormwater management, which at its core aimed to promote sustainability and protect the natural water cycle.

“As engineers, it is our responsibility to consider the impact of factors such as climate change in our designs and include recommendations to our clients that could mitigate the risks,” notes De Jongh. Examples include urbanisation and various other environmental issues.

“Future generations should be inspired to take responsibility for designing sustainable solutions for local and global challenges. By leading the way, we as engineers can set the example to future generations of how sustainable development should be implemented and how they can make a lasting positive impact on the world,” concludes De Jongh.

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