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21 October 2022

Supplied by Triple E Training

One company’s decision to outsource its adult basic education and training (ABET) requirements to an expert in the field continues to yield very favourable results. All employees who participate in the company’s adult literacy and numeracy training progress swiftly through the various ABET levels to acquire foundational English literacy and numeracy skills.

“We have constantly achieved a 100% pass rate in our ABET programmes since we partnered with Triple E Training. In doing so, we are efficiently meeting the commitments we have made to upskilling our human resources as outlined in the social-labour plan for Barberton Mines. While this is important, we also invest in ABET because we know that it is the correct thing to do. These are essential skills that our employees need to function effectively in all facets of life and certainly not only in the workplace. They take these proficiencies back to their families and communities and, in doing so, our ABET programmes also benefit South African society at large. We are, therefore, very proud of the success of our ABET programmes,” Stephanie Neethling, Barberton Mine’s Acting Training Manager, says.

Barberton Mine’s decision to outsource its ABET requirements to an expert continues to yield very favourable results.

About 70 employees have already completed four levels of ABET. They are, therefore, functionally literate, which means that they can manage the demands of daily life and employment that require English literacy and numeracy skills beyond a basic level.

The mine is now working closely with Triple E Training to extend its ABET programmes to include unemployed members of communities located within its operational footprint. This will enhance the impact of the human resource development component of the mine’s social labour plan. Many of these community members are functionally illiterate. Yet, English literacy and numeracy are the absolute basic skills that people need to secure employment in a modern economy. Equipped with these foundational skills, people can also continue learning to improve their employability in an economy that is increasingly relying on advanced proficiencies. For Triple E Training, the ultimate measure of the success of its ABET programmes is their ability to instil a newfound passion and respect for learning among participants so that they are able to continue growing and developing inside and outside the world of work.

Triple E Training has been supplying quality ABET to the mining industry for more than 30 years. Throughout this period, the company has had the opportunity to refine its approach to adult literacy and numeracy training and adapt it to the changing demands of industry.

The company’s large national footprint enables it to adequately service the country’s mines which are often located in outlying areas. This service starts by undertaking a comprehensive placement assessment at the mine’s premises at a time that suits its production schedule. The process enables Triple E Training to gain an understanding of the extent of the English literacy and numeracy skills gaps in the company and how to address them in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Moreover, it enables Triple E Training to assist its mining clients identify which employees require urgent training intervention and then place them at the correct ABET level. In this way, the company ensures that employees will be able to cope with the course content and, therefore, complete their training. It also ensures that employees are being provided a real opportunity to enhance their skills when they attend training sessions and not regressing.

Ahead of the training, Triple E Training conducts an awareness campaign. This prepares employees for ABET and motivates them to want to succeed. During these sessions, the company explains to employees why they were selected to participate in ABET and how they will benefit from completing the training. It is important that employees realise the relevance of the training and know how they will use their newfound skills to improve their work performance and just about every other facet of their life outside the world of work.

Moreover, training is provided by skilled and experienced facilitators at the mine’s premises. Triple E Training is also flexible and, thus, able to work around tight production schedules. Placement assessments have also provided training facilitators with a unique understanding of employees’ strengths and weaknesses in terms of literacy and numeracy so that they know where to focus their efforts.

“A successful ABET programme is always a team effort between the client, Triple E Training and the learners. Barberton Mines takes ABET very seriously. Because the mine does not train for just the sake of it, it insists on only receiving the best service possible from its training provider. Moreover, the company’s employees are motivated to succeed as is demonstrated by the very high pass rate of its ABET programmes. We look forward to continuing to deliver the best possible service to Barberton Mines, which is playing its part in breaking the back of illiteracy in the country,” Marco Maree, Triple E Training’s Expert Training and Development Advisor, concludes.

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