Ombepo wind farm went online in Namibia

18 January 2019

In December 2018, the Ombepo Wind Farm went online, generating 5MW to provide electricity to the nearby towns. PENETRON ADMIX was the key crystalline product specified to waterproof and densify the concrete foundations of the three massive wind turbines.

Construction of the Ombepo Wind Farm was set up by InnoSun Energy Holding, a French-Namibian renewable energy company, in collaboration with the harbour city of Lüderitz, in southern Namibia. Construction of the N$180 million (US$13 million) project started in mid-2016; the initial phase of three turbines was completed on time.

Tom Alweendo, Namibia’s Minister of Mines and Energy, said the country was committed to achieving 70% of renewable energies by 2030, with the Ombepo Wind Farm project representing the beginning of the country’s transition to sustainable energy.

Ultimately, four wind farms (with a total of 98 wind turbines) located across the southwestern Namibian coast between Oranjemund and Lüderitz will increase local electricity generating capacity from 400 to 600 megawatts. This boost will provide electricity to all schools and health facilities and increase the region’s rural electrification rate from 34% to 50% by 2020.

The harsh environment of the Namibian coastline made durability of the planned concrete foundations for the three massive wind turbines a concern. Each turbine stands 80 m tall, with three gigantic blades and single generators. In addition, the isolated location and limited availability of good concrete materials proved a major challenge for the project.

 After extensive durability testing and a number of concrete mix designs, PENETRON ADMIX was specified to densify and waterproof the concrete foundations. The crystalline admixture will now effectively block any deterioration of the concrete matrix – through carbonation, sulphate attack, and ASR characteristic for the area – for the life of the structure.”

Previously, Namibia was heavily reliant on energy imports from South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The start-up of the first phase of the Ombepo Wind Farm, will start changing that situation.

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