05 November 2019

The Federal Government of Nigeria is set to
construct affordable houses in 34 states across the country. This information
was disclosed by the Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola. He also said
the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) roads will also be constructed in each of
the 36 states of Nigeria.

The project facilitated under the pilot national
housing scheme with funding from federal mortgage bank of
Nigeria (FMBN)
have a mixture of blocks of flats and bungalows in the southern part and
largely a suite of bungalows with one to three-bedrooms in the northern parts.
The project is expected to target low- to middle-income citizens, with the
benchmark of the income group between those in level 8 and 14 in the public

According to Fashola, many of the roads have been
completed, others are still under construction and new ones are being planned.
“The government is also repairing, building and rehabilitating many other roads
under the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA), our Federal Road Maintenance Agency,” he added.
The government has also signed and issued over 2,400 certificates of occupancy
and has granted over 4,000 applications of consent to land, to enable building
efforts outside government’s funding.

Neither the government nor the private sector provides sufficient housing units especially for the masses that need and demand it in Nigeria. Formal housing production is at approximately 100,000 units per year against the 1,000,000 units that are needed yearly to bridge the 17 to 20 million housing deficit. The government has estimated that it will cost US$363 bn to curb the current housing deficit and the number is expected to keep growing.

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