Sika committed to global sustainable development

Sika’s Sustainability Strategy 2014–2018 is producing a positive outcome. In the first two years of the strategy, Sika has exceeded five of the six target areas covering the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of its business. Sika has delivered more value to its stakeholders with less impact on the environment.

More Value for Stakeholders

Sika’s ‘More Value, Less Impact’ initiative, which brings the six sustainability target areas together in one concept, is delivering on its promise, meeting all value adding targets during the two-year 2014/2015 period. Operating profit grew by 12.3%, reflecting the company’s excellent economic performance. All new product, system, and service projects were assessed using Sika’s Product Development Process and all local key projects were implemented. The number of projects benefitting local communities and societies has been increased by 50%.

According to Jan Jenisch, CEO, Sika AG: “Sika takes a long-term perspective on the development of its business and acts responsibly towards all stakeholders. We are proud of our sustainability achievements and the fact that we have delivered more value to our stakeholders with less impact on the environment.”

Strategy provides direction, people deliver results

Sika’s commitment to continuously measuring, improving, reporting, and communicating sustainable value creation is deeply anchored in the organisation and its more than 17,000 employees.

Internal and external training courses are key for further development. Sika spent approximately CHF11.1 million on staff development and provided approximately 12 hours of training for each employee in 2015.

Abundance of projects in all areas

Sika has initiated a whole range of new projects in all target areas across the globe, and these are providing evidence of what the company can achieve with its approach to sustainability. The company supports and engages in projects and initiatives that foster the sustainable development of local communities throughout the world. As a member of the UN Global Compact, the company is committed to global sustainable development. Sika does not compromise on integrity and applies high ethical standards to its work. Sika’s “Code of Conduct” defines the standards and rules of behavior for the company and all its employees.

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