30 May 2019

quality of an underlayment can make all the difference between a smooth
flooring system application and a troublesome one. This has encouraged Sika
South Africa to launch a new self-levelling screed, Sikafloor-200 Level. Sikafloor® Level cementitious product range
meets or exceeds all the latest standards and requirements for both new work
and refurbishments. They provide customers with peace of mind by providing a
high quality and reliable underlayment for most hard and soft surface floor

Sikafloor®-200 Level is a very low-emission, cement-based,
self-levelling compound. Suitable for interior and exterior residential and
non-industrial applications, Sikafloor®-200
is ideal for filling, smoothing and levelling of suitable substrates
before applying parquet, ceramic tiles, seamless resin floors, textile and
elastic floor coverings.

flooring system has applications in manufacturing industries, institutional,
residential and domestic buildings as well as levelling of precast concrete
planks and pre-levelling for roof membranes.

is important to consider that screed products are alternatives to conventional
methods. They have been developed to address specific issues and improve on conventional
methods, making them an extremely viable alternative. Both cost and time are
substantially reduced by the rapid-setting nature of the products and the
better control over the outcome of the finished floor.

So, why use a
self-levelling screed?

decision to use a self-levelling compound must be made when the choice of floor
covering to be installed is established. Resilient floor coverings tend to mold
to the substrate tightly, which reveals any (even very minor) substrate
imperfections, while a carpet simply hides them – neither being the required
result. Therefore, ensuring a good-looking perfect floor necessitates a flat,
level and smooth substrate.

cementitious compounds require minimal application effort and can effectively
level out large floor surfaces quickly. The thinner consistency of these
self-levelling compounds, compared to other types of cement screeds,
facilitates easy and effective filling of uneven areas.


competitive edges of Sikafloor®-200 Level
are the pot life of ~40minutes at +20°C and its foot-traffic readiness after ~
4 hours. Other valuable product and end-result features include very low
emissions, improved surface finishes, increased durability, enhanced safety and
improved appearance.

of using Sikafloor®-200 Level:

  • Waterproof                                                                                                                                   
  • Frost resistant
  • Self levelling
  • Rapid hardening
  • Suitable for application on subfloor
    heating systems
  • Layer thickness 3-40 mm (50 mm filled)
  • High level of hardness and strength
  • Low tension
  • Can be pumped
  • Suitable to build bonded screeds under
    ceramic tiles on cementitious substrates
  • Standard Sikafloor acrylic primers give
    excellent bonding to the Sikafloor Level products

More information from Nadine Slabbert, Tel: +27 31 7926500 / [email protected]

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