17 October 2019

The re-purposing of buildings into student
residences, apartments, entry level housing and hotels is on the increase, with
more and more developers looking to re-use or re-purpose existing buildings in
key urban locations.

In addition, existing foundations often require
significant investment to cater for the load of traditional brick and mortar
walls and, although lightweight walls such as dry walling is popular
in commercial developments, they lack the robustness when used in
residential refurbishments. 

For this
reason, a new lightweight, fit-for-purpose walling system has recently been
introduced to the South African construction industry. SanteQ lightweight
walling systems offer excellent thermal,
acoustic, robustness and a two-hour fire rating with convenient installation.

550-700 kg/m3 or less than 30% of
conventional masonry walling, these solid
cementitious systems are simpler, quicker and cleaner to erect, significantly
cutting down on building times.

pre-engineered cellulose fibre walling systems are available in five wall
thicknesses – 62 mm, 112 mm, 137 mm, 162 mm and 229 mm and are erected on site,
services installed and a bespoke lightweight,
100% recycled polystyrene and cementitious composite infill is pumped into the
voids. The walls can then be skim plastered and painted or simply painted.

The SanteQ lightweight walling
systems are Agrément SA approved and are typically used for non-load bearing
walls in hotels, student accommodation, multi-storey affordable housing
developments, schools, hospitals, remodeling of existing multi-storey buildings
as well as new builds with structural, time and energy saving

Modelled on the Sanjo Fabtech Sterling loadbearing
technology which is currently
being used widely in multi-storey RDP developments for the Department of Human
Settlements, the new SanteQ systems have already been used successfully in
lightweight walling projects in Sandton for the repurposing of an existing
commercial office into a high-end hotel, a pharmaceutical manufacturing
facility in Benoni and the refurbishing of an existing building in Sandton into
student accommodation.

SanteQ lightweight walling systems have the
necessary accreditations from Agrément SA, SABS and the Firelab.

information from
Victor Bouguenon

+27-10-023-0222 / +27-86-117-2656

email: [email protected]

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