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National African Federation for the Building Industry Delivers Critical Skills to Candidates and Communities

31 March 2021

With funding from the Construction Education & Training Authority (CETA), the National African Federation for the Building Industry (NAFBI) launched a programme to identify skills gaps and to develop training programmes to meaningfully address the skills shortage in South Africa’s construction industry. The Federation delivered twelve-month programmes in two critical disciplines: Supervision of Construction Processes and Community House Building. Candidates were required to come from disadvantaged communities and backgrounds.

Designed to empower candidates over the long term, the programmes will significantly aid them in gaining employment, improving outcomes from tender applications and starting and managing businesses. The SAQA accredited programmes were a great success, and on 25 and 26 March 2021, successful candidates received their certificates in Newcastle, Vrede and Virginia.

Founded in 1979, the National African Federation for the Building Industry (NAFBI) is the oldest and largest Building and Construction Industry Federation in South Africa. Its mandate is to facilitate economic access, build capacity and forge business ties within the construction sector in order to fulfil its mission of transforming the Construction Industry in South Africa.

www.nafbi.org.za | Tel: 031 303 1256

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