Modular construction to grow dramatically

14 January 2019

Modular construction is set to only become increasingly prevalent from 2019 according to Tom Hardiman, Modular Building Institute spokesperson and executive director.

Hardiman explains that over the past few years technology in the sector has improved in leaps and bounds leading to projections that the industry will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 6.9% in the US from USD112.4-billion today to USD157-billion by 2023.

Whereas technology up to 2015 would only allow modular buildings to top out at five stories and 5 500m², current capabilities are for 18-storey buildings with 18 500m². “The capability to build taller modular buildings has always existed,” Tom Hardiman, Modular Building Institute spokesperson and executive director, told Construction Dive.

“We are seeing more because of owners’ willingness to utilise the process now. This willingness is being driven in part by a lack of skilled labour in the traditional construction sector, a lack of affordable housing, rising and unpredictable materials costs and the constant pressure to deliver on time and on budget. Modular construction addresses many of these needs for the owner.”

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