Maximum agility, on-site concrete production and time and cost reduction

14 April 2020

Recently, Elevo Group South Africa, the Portuguese reference group in all large and small scale engineering and construction sectors, has chosen Carmix machines for their reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

The contractor had to renovate an 18 km long stretch of road in Pongola, a small town in the remote province of KwaZulu-Natal. Road modernisation included new underground channels, V-shaped drainage canals and piping infrastructure over a long distance. Elevo contacted Carmix Service Concrete, the Carmix dealer in South Africa, who supplied them with a Carmix 3500 TC. This choice proved to be extremely successful and beneficial, as it was able to produce 40 m3 of concrete per day and complete 2 km of V-shaped drainage canals every day.

To further speed up the concrete mixing to unloading stage, Elevo Group arranged several aggregate stocks along the way: thus the operator driving the Carmix 3500 TC, equipped with a 300° rotating drum, could drive straight along the road while unloading the concrete mix laterally. In addition, all 25MPA concrete was produced directly on site thanks to the machine’s electronic weighing system whereby any material can be dosed, weighed and programmed to achieve a perfect Mix Design. Finally, Concrete-Mate, the digital Mix Design Manager developed by Carmix, enabled the operator to print receipts for each batch directly from the cabin and deliver them to the engineer to monitor concrete quality.

Thanks to the versatility of Carmix 3500 TC and the chance to rent the machine for a short period, the contractor was able to complete the road in less than two weeks while minimising costs. 

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