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Marley Building Systems Will Be Trading as Etex From September 2020

14 September 2020

We’re changing to inspire

“We are a company of many brands, many countries, and many factories, but if we come together, we’re one team with more than 12 000 people. We have the products and systems to help this world out.” – Etex’s global director-general, Paul van Oyen

Johannesburg, Gauteng : Marley Building Systems is constantly looking for ways to grow and better serve our customers. At the core of what we do is the collaborative effort of Etex branches across the globe to ensure that our customers are satisfied, that our staff is kept safe and that we protect the wellbeing of the environment. As our values evolve, so does our brand identity. We’re changing our name to reflect the transformation of our vision and mission. Our official launch will be taking place digitally on the 17th of September, kicking things off with the
#ChangingToInspire webinar and a social media campaign, which will be running throughout September.

Marley Building Systems as a brand will now be trading as Etex South Africa. In February, we ran a successful internal launch to get our staff ready for the change and involve them in what the future looks like for Etex South Africa. Etex will not be able to successfully meet its objectives without its valued employees who make up the Etex global team. All our people, whether they work in the office or in the factory, are the backbone of everything that we do and are aiming to achieve at Etex. Everyone is an essential piece of the bigger puzzle.

Etex fast facts:
● Etex is in 42 countries.
● We’re part of a team of 12500 hardworking and committed people.
● We have over 100 factories globally.
● We churn an annual profit of over 3 billion euros (R 57538680000,00).

As a global entity, Etex has a passion for excellence that not only influences how the company serves its customers but also influences how we manufacture our products, making sure that we offer eco-friendly lightweight products that don’t have adverse effects on the environment. What we offer can also ensure that the growing population has living and workspaces that are well insulated to increase fire protection. For Etex to have a positive global impact and ensure that our customers are happy, we need to work as a team. “Changing to inspire” speaks to Marley
Building Systems transitioning from just being a supplier of high-quality building materials to being part of a global movement to inspire ways of living by creating spaces that are smart, sustainable and beautiful.

Inspiration is at the core of what Etex believes in and what they offer as a company in the construction and industrial sectors. Essentially, Marley Building Systems is changing to inspire conscious building principles that are underpinned by technological advancements and an awareness of global challenges such as urbanisation and climate change.

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