Malawi to construct multi-storey buildings in townships

05 October 2018

Malawi plans to construct multi-storey buildings in the townships across the country in bid to provide residents with modern houses.

Vice president Saulos Chilima said that the plan is for people living in rentals should, in the long run, become owners of the flats which will be constructed through the Malawi Housing Corporation. “In the end we will be able to demolish substandard houses and replace them with modern houses. This can be done in townships such as Ndirande, Chibanja and Kawale,” he said.

The construction of the apartment buildings will create jobs for people and space for other facilities such as markets and schools. Chilima also reiterated plans to increase enrolment in universities, to curb corruption and to empower businesspersons. The project will ensure that the residents are provided with proper housing all over Ndirande, Kawale and Chibanja.

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