Makro and Builders Warehouse now offer a comprehensive range of the first ever legendry CAT cordless power tools

05 August 2021

10 Times longer motor life, 50% more run time 25 % more power and new advanced brushless motors, and the new 18V CAT Graphene* Li-ion batteries

Everyone that has ever been associated with CAT will buy their new products certainly the tool guys and the huge following of guys/fans that love the brand, now’s your chance to own a technically advanced CAT power tool and you have a range the DX12 Power drill, DX51B Jig Saw, the DX53B Circular Saw, the DX31B Angle Grinder and DX42B Orbital Sander

The all-new icon in Powertools CAT introduced this range in all Makro Stores, in every corner of the world, you will find a Cat® machine. Cat® is recognized as the leader in building and construction. Globally, the Cat® logo has become a legendary icon, often worn as a badge symbolizing grit, toughness, and a get-it-done attitude. Cat® products are engineered for superior performance, designed to last, and backed by the largest, most experienced dealer support network in the world.

Many stand in awe of the mighty CAT mining dump truck, or the insatiable excavator as they literally move the earth. Most would never have a need for such machinery let alone a parking space. Yet all want a small piece of the attitude that these machines project. Now you can!

The rugged power tool market is set to heat up yet again in South Africa, with CAT extending its International blue-chip brand with their latest in cordless power tools. Sold, in South Africa, by Vermont Sales under the license from Caterpillar. The range includes power tools running on the latest Graphene battery system. This technology is set to lead the way in the 18 V cordless tool category.

All the new tools are available through Makro and an exclusive online retail service Compared with current cordless tools on the market, the CAT products are more compact, with greater power, faster, and are incredibly tough, making them the ultimate cordless tools. They have undergone rigorous testing, including repeated drop tests, repetitive endurance tests, as well as extensive water, dirt, and dust tests, plus temperature extreme survivability, vibration and tumble tests, which is typical of CAT.

“Understanding our customers and giving them what they need in a power tool is core to our business. Our global customer surveys, are well supported in South Africa, giving us in-depth insight into who our customers are and what they need from their power tools. said Wiktor Wencel, Export Director for Sub-Saharan Africa at Positec International. 

“We are well known for making technically advanced, tough tools that grow markets and offer users true innovation. “Our heartland has traditionally been in mining, construction, engineering, agriculture and all associated trades, but we have also earned a strong following in lifestyle-led activities like high performance clothing, outdoor and sporting pursuits. Over time we’ve evolved our portfolio to reflect these core segments within our customer base.” Wencel explains the updated CAT power tool range is made up of a universal battery system. One battery, one power supply fits all models of CAT cordless tools in the range. This gives users added value of expanding their range of tools at a lower cost. Sounds too good to be true.” Wencel explains “The users of Powertools have changed in a world that requires faster solutions with greater degrees of flexibility. CAT delivers solutions that live up to our promise.”

Five new CAT power tools are now available, these being the DX12 Drill, the DX51B Jig Saw, DX53B Circular Saw, DX31B Angle Grinder and DX42B Orbital Sander. The CAT brand will be available exclusively through all Makro and Builders stores and via a unique online retail program, go to  for all the info.

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