17 September 2020

It is not always logistically possible for customers to attend crane demonstrations and the current movement restrictions due to COVID-19 preventative protocols globally have made an even greater impact on customer interactions, but this has not prevented Konecranes from utilising the latest in technology to implement their Live Channel –  a new online feature which brings the crane demonstration and discussions of associated technology, equipment and components ‘live’ in real time to the customer. They are the first crane manufacturer in South Africa to conduct online, live, crane demonstrations.

“The way the world works and interacts is changing and our Live Channel is an innovative tool which Konecranes has developed to showcase the company’s latest innovations directly to their customers – and in real time” said Emil Berning, Managing Director. “The Live Channel saves time, is interactive, personalised and safe while still enabling the customer to explore our crane offerings and new technologies and see the benefits in action, online” said Berning.

In Finland, Konecranes has developed facilities that enable live video streaming via Teams. A crane has been installed, equipped with cameras and links that enable all the crane’s smart features and components to be activated for live viewing – just as they would be in a physical crane demonstration.

Simple to arrange: the meeting is scheduled, and the smart features the customer requires to see in action are selected. The customer is then able to observe the demonstration live online, see how the smart features work in real-time, and ask questions directly without stepping outside of their office.

Berning added “Online technology is so advanced that it makes sense to utilise it and offer our customers the opportunity to view their new potential investment in real-time via our Konecranes Live Channel. This ensures that any queries or specific requirements are addressed immediately and visually to their satisfaction through their engagement with our Live Channel technicians”.

Smart Features for Demonstration

The live Smart Features that form part of the online crane demonstration menu include:

  • follow me
  • snag prevention
  • hook centering
  • active sway control: sway control/no sway control
  • target positioning
  • protected areas
  • working limits
  • assisted load turning
  • inching
  • micro speed
  • Shock load prevention
  • Load floating
  • Hoist syncrhonisation
  • Bridge/trolley anti-collision

“The Live Channel also affords Konecranes the ability to showcase newly developed crane and related component technologies to the customer far more quickly and highlight the benefits for their particular line of application in a very cost-effective manner. It is a win-win situation, one of which we are very proud to be able to offer” concluded Berning.

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