26 August 2019

The county government of Kitui in partnership with the World Bank has launched a 60 million litre mega water project in Mbitini
Ward, Kitui county, Kenya. The project is set to benefit about 7,500 residents
of Mbitini and Chuluni wards who will use it for their domestic purposes and
also their livestock.

At the launch of Kwa Isiki water pan rehabilitation, Kitui County
Governor Charity Ngilu said that her administration has given the water problem
special attention as they seek to supply clean and safe water to all residents
in the county. “This project is a dream come true to the people of this area,
water is life and I am very confident that it will transform this place,” she

Additionally, Ngilu said that nine farm ponds will be constructed as
well as landscaping works. She noted that once the works are completed it will
shorten the distance for those who have been walking long distances to draw
water from rivers for domestic use or farming activities. “As an
administration, we are keen to provide water for domestic use and for their
livestock, this will go a long way in helping our people,” Ngilu added.

Moreover, the Governor said that youths will be given jobs during
construction. Ngilu promised residents that she will continue looking for other
development partners besides World Bank in order to fund other crucial
development projects in the county.

She further commended the national government for constructing the Kitui County Textile Centre which she noted that, it will realize significant economic boost with the creation of jobs and supply of raw materials to the centre.

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