Joburg adopts inclusionary housing framework where rich and poor will live side by side

25 February 2019

Joburg Metro mayor Herman Mashaba has announced the Inclusionary Housing: Incentives,
Regulations and Mechanisms Framework, which ushers in a housing plan that
will make 30% of new residential developments available for affordable housing

The scheme will see ‘mixed’ housing with
lower income earners living side by side with higher income earners, creating
residential areas that are equal in terms of public amenities.

“This is an important step as the city seeks
to address the spatial inequality associated with apartheid-era development
planning,” Mashaba said of the plan that the city’s Spatial Development
Framework 2040 identified and which Council adopted in 2016.

The densification process will be implemented in
and around current nodes, as well as the new ‘general urban zone’ in areas like
Orlando East in Soweto.

The SDF 2040 highlights the issue of the housing and job
mismatch in the city with a large portion of its population concentrated in
areas of limited or no employment opportunity. 

It further advocates for densification in areas of
favourable employment which in turn happen to be the areas the city has
invested heavily in.

“The adoption of the Framework follows an extensive public consultation process,” Mashaba said.

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