01 December 2023

Representing global excellence in the demolition industry, Jet Demolition, in conjunction with Edifice Engineering of India, were declared runners-up in two categories for the World Demolition Awards (WDA) 2023. Currently in its 15th year and comprising 11 award categories, the WDA is part of the World Demolition Summit that took place from 17 to 18 October in Toronto, Canada.

In partnership with Edifice Engineering, Jet Demolition entered the category of explosive demolition for the controlled implosion of the Supertech Twin Towers in Noida, Utter Pradesh near the capital New Delhi on 28 August 2022. It marked Jet Demolition’s second collaboration with Edifice Engineering, a leading demolition company based in Mumbai.

Citing the project as one of the most challenging ever undertaken by Jet Demolition, Director Joe Brinkmann says: “Edifice Engineering and India have joined the 100 m implosion club under extremely demanding conditions.”

In the projects under $1 million category, the highly successful collaboration of Jet Demolition and Edifice Engineering entered the precision brownfield demolition of large coke oven infrastructure at the Tata Steel Jamshedpur Works (TSJW) in India. The main challenge was achieving fully assured, precise control of the toppling direction of the chimneys to prevent damage to operational plant assets from direct impact.

Jet Demolition is no stranger to international accolades, being crowned ‘Best of the Best’ at WDA 2020 and winning the explosive demolition category for the controlled implosion of the Bank of Lisbon building in Johannesburg.

In 2019, Jet Demolition won in the recycling and environmental category for the safe decontamination and demolition of three redundant gold and uranium complexes. In 2018, it won in the industrial demolition category for the demolition of a coal-fired boiler and ancillary equipment at Duvha Power Station in Mpumalanga. In 2017, it won for its innovative implosion of the 14-storey HG de Witt Building in Pretoria.

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