International Mandela Day: CoCT to build 340 houses in Belhar

19 July 2018

A great initiative launched by the City of Cape Town in commemoration of International Mandela Day and its centenary celebrations.

The City of Cape Town (CoCT) has announced that for this year’s 67 Minutes initiative, it will launch a building project that seeks to have about 340 houses ready for occupation by 2020.

When is International Mandela Day?

On Wednesday, 18 July 2018, the whole world will be celebrating International Mandela Day. Through the 67 Minutes initiative, citizens all over the world will embark on projects that are geared towards social change.

The central messaging behind this initiative is that it does not matter how big or small one’s contribution is, the tiniest bit of effort in participating can do a lot in changing someone’s life.

What is International Mandela Day all about?

Mandela Day was officially declared by the United Nations (UN) nine years ago.

46664 concerts (an events organisation that drives charity initiatives in Mandela’s memory) and the Nelson Mandela Foundation challenged the global community to join them in support of an idea they had on how to commemorate Mandela on his birthday.

It was never intended to be a public holiday. it was meant to a day that allowed people to honour the legacy of Mandela through volunteering and committing to social change.

What initiatives will CoCT launch on International Mandela Day?

The CoCT Department of Transport and Urban Development has announced that it will build 340 houses in Belhar. The project is set to launch on International Mandela Day, commemorating the life Mandela led in fighting for social change.

Brett Herron, from the department, said that this initiative will be their department’s contribution to the 67 Minutes initiative. Although it won’t affect lives immediately, he said that it would bring hope to those in need.

Brett also added that

“On Friday, 13 July, I visited the site with several local councillors and assisted in the build as part of our 67 minutes Mandela Day initiative to commemorate Tata Madiba’s centenary celebrations”

The project will take a total of 24 months to complete. It is not clear who will be eligible to inhabit these houses yet.

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