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02 November 2022

Supplied by CarbonZero

A substantial decrease in CO2 emissions for the cement and concrete Industry is at our fingertips and could be reached overnight with negative investment and with no additional cost. The only thing it needs is for the decision to be taken. The potential of Turkey as a reliable supplier of cementitious materials to Europe is huge – it could be the world’s major supplier of cementitious materials.

Abut Ozsezikli, GM and Board Member at MedCem Global is presenting on decreasing CO2 emissions with no capex and overnight – reducing the content of clinker in cement and content of cement in concrete. The speech will be given at CarbonZero Global Conference on November 11 at Pestana Palace in Lisbon.

MedCem Global is the largest single-location cement and fly ash exporter in the world. Through new investments, MedCem’s current five-million-ton cement/cementitious export will reach ten million tons in 2024. MedCem currently owns and also invests in cement import terminals and grinding plants in various countries. The group also holds the largest privately owned coal-burning electricity plant.

Abut Ozsezikli, GM and Board member, MedCem Global: “I am happy to be able to share our knowledge and global expertise on cement, clinker, and combustion byproducts. Medcem exports a wide range of products mainly to Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and America. We made investments in target countries as well as exports and currently have two active mills in Cameroon and Tunisia. We could be looking at a 25% decrease of CO2 emission with no investment – it is possible.” Beatrice Ene, Managing Director, Industry Link: “We welcome one of the largest single-location cement and fly ash exporters in the world as a contributor to our forum for brilliant minds. Throughout new investments, Medcem’s current 5 million tons of cement and cementitious export is expected to double and that says a lot about the strategy and business acumen they own – let us take home a strong leader’s example.”

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