19 February 2018

Schaan (FL), January 22, 2018 – In 2017, the Hilti Group continued to grow throughout all business regions with sales increasing significantly to CHF 5.1billion. Year-on- year, sales were up +10.8 percent in Swiss Francs and +9.6 percent in local currencies.

“We owe this milestone to our globa lteam that is working with consistency and dedication to implement the objectives of our corporate strategy. Once again,we have launched more than 60 new products, extended our portfolio significantly and strengthened our global sales team. With this solid foundation firmly in place, we managed to make even better use of last year’s favorable market conditions. It is our intention to maintain this momentum,”says CEO Christoph Loos expressing his confidence for 2018.

The performance of the business regions reflects the broad-based growth of the company. With al lmarkets in good condition, Europe was up +9.7 percent in local currencies. Growing at +8.5 percent, North America has taken yet another significant step ahead . In Latin America (+9.7%), the upward trend strengthened further although the economy as a whole continues to stabilize at a slow place. In Asia/Pacific, th eHilti Group maintains its growth trajectory, with sales up +5.3 percent. The dynamic performance of the Eastern

Europe/MiddleEast/Africa region(+17.4%) is particularly note worthy, with Russia leading the way by reporting yet another set ofs trong growth figures.




in CHF million


in CHF million

Change in


Change in

localcurrencies (%)

Europe 2,469 2,222 11.1 9.7
North America 1,218 1,120 8.7 8.5
Latin America 128 117 9.4 9.7
Asia/Pacific 700 662 5.7 5.3

Eastern Europe /

Middle East /Africa

618 512 20.7 17.4
Hilti Group* 5,133 4,633 10.8 9.6


Group sales include a growth effect of +0.8 percent and CHF38 million due to the acquisition of the Oglaend

System Group effective August 2017.

Note:Detailedannual figuresfor 2017 will bepublished onMarch 16, 2018.


The Hilti Group supplies theworldwide construction industrywith technologically leading products, systems, software and services that provide construction professionalswith innovative solutions and superior added value. The Group employs more than 26,000 teammembers in over 120 countrieswhopassionately create enthusiastic customersandbuildabetterfuture.Hiltigeneratedannual salesofCHF5.1billionin2017.Hilti’scorporateculture is based on integrity,teamwork, commitment and the courage toembrace change. Theheadquartersof the Hilti Group are located in Schaan,Liechtenstein.

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