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02 March 2021

With the launch of the Grundfos XL CR 185 vertical stainless steel multi-stage pump, customers can achieve higher flow rates and delivery heads while still achieving optimal energy efficiency.

“This extra-large addition to our well-known CR range pushes the limits of pumping capability,” says Niren Rohanlal, Senior Regional Product & Solutions Manager – CBS Advanced Core & Systems – India, Middle East and Africa at Grundfos. The model’s maximum flow rate is 240 m3/h and it can generate pressures of up to 40 bar.

“The pump’s maximum head is a remarkable 400 m, which is roughly the height of the Empire State Building in New York,” says Rohanlal. “To reach these demanding heights, it can be fitted with an electric motor of up to 200 kW in size.”

He highlights that the design approach of this robust pump is based on reliability, quality and efficiency, aiming to ensure customers a significant cost saving in terms of energy consumption, maintenance and total cost of ownership.

“In today’s modern economy, the focus is on energy efficiency and lower carbon footprint,” he says. “We provide our own highly efficient Grundfos-branded motors up to 22 kW, while the larger motors that we use with our pumps must be at least IE4 in terms of global efficiency ratings.”

The Grundfos XL CR 185 has wide application as a pressure booster in industry, mines and commercial buildings, as well as for water utilities requiring high pressure delivery. An important advantage of the vertical orientation of this pump range is its reduced footprint, he notes. Where numerous pumps are employed in pump stations, this smaller footprint means that floor area can be made more compact. This cuts the cost of civil works in the construction of these buildings.

“The basic modular design of the pump allows stages to be increased as necessary,” he says. “The reduced design complexity means easier access to components when servicing and maintaining the equipment.”

Each component in the pump has endured extensive testing, ensuring the highest level of quality and reliability in the final product. The Grundfos XL CR 185 model is manufactured by Grundfos in Denmark, says Rohanlal, where it is thoroughly tested before being dispatched to South Africa for the sub-Saharan African market. The local ISO-certified Grundfos facility in Meadowbrook east of Johannesburg locally assembles CR pumps up to the CR 155 model.

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