Ghana to build first RE industrial park in Africa

21 February 2019

Ghana is set to construct first industrial and
business park in Africa wholly powered by renewable
energy in Takoradi, Western Ghana.

Sabine Dall’Omo, CEO of Siemens 
said an  Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with WestPark Enterprises was signed to develop an
expandable microgrid solution for the fast-growing industrial and business park

The microgrid will be powered by onsite
photovoltaic panels. A back-up battery storage solution will be
sourced as well. The grid can be expanded as more buildings are added with the
aim to ensure that the park remains powered by renewable energy.

“This project is perfectly in line
with Siemens’ vision for future business in Ghana and
other African countries. As a company we are continuously looking for
new responsible and efficient energy and infrastructure solutions,
and our collaboration with WestPark is a good example of how we can support
partners with similar goals,” said Sabine Dall’Omo.

Siemens is committed to
economic growth across Africa, and in doing so in a forward-thinking
manner by implementing environmentally sustainable solutions that
will help its partners and customers succeed in today’s
environmentally-conscious global market.

The WestPark aims to eliminate many of the challenges faced by companies doing business in Sub-Sahara Africa, such as access to reliable power, water, broadband internet, and transport.

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