06 August 2019

Ghana have reached a artnership agreement with
US-based firm Transatlantic BDR to construct a 60,000 capacity stadium in
Tema – the biggest in the country’s history, revealed.

The Ghana government has reached an agreement with the US-based construction firm to build the facility along Tema’s coastline, a multi-billion-dollar complex.

The ground-breaking project is an overall regional economic development plan designed to grow international tourism

The facility will also house commercial retail and residential mixed-use accommodation targeting cross-border corporations and regional companies.

This historic partnership has the full support of national and local government officials.

“I wish to express our support for this landmark development that will forever change Ghana and be a showcase for the future development on the continent of Africa,” Ghana’s minister of State Honourable Rashid Pelpuo said

The project will upgrade ailing infrastructure, creating highly skilled job opportunities for Ghana’s educated workforce. Energy distribution is key and leveraging the latest in technologies via strategic partnerships with emerging technology companies in phasing out of legacy systems is essential.

The massive undertaking of building a convention centre, hotels, and a FIFA compliant soccer stadium will enable Ghana to host major international events therefore elevating the country to a first-tier market.

Infrastructure investments will include new roadways; a light rail system expansion; renewable energy; and a 6G wireless communication network.

“This privately funded partnership with the Ghana government marks an aggressive outlook taken by the part of officials to establish the country as an international destination; not just for leisure but for global qualified investors and entrepreneurs to participate in the regions’ fast-paced economic growth. TBDR is cultivating a diverse partner and investor base for optimal success,” stated Uduak Udofia, TBDR’s CEO.

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