Gauteng launches probe into housing backlog

01 February 2018

The Gauteng Provincial Legislature’s (GPL) Portfolio Committee on Cooperative Governance and Human Settlements will on Thursday launch an inquiry into the housing backlog in the province.In a statement on Wednesday, the GPL said the 1st inquiry hearing will be on Tuesday, February 6, 2018, in Soshanguve, Tshwane.

“The inquiry will address challenges in providing housing and title deeds to some of the applicants of housing from a period of 1996 to 2006. Contributors to the challenges will be addressed by the committee inquiry through formal hearings where evidence will be presented by witnesses,” said the statement.”The Inquiry will ultimately address the broad question of what contributes to the current challenges of Housing delivery and/or Housing backlog?”

In the statement, ahead of Thursday’s launch, the GPL said envisaged benefits of the inquiry include; understanding the province’s housing needs and size of backlog; better planning and budgeting. The GPL also wants to understand the dynamics and needs of potential beneficiaries.Led by Chairperson, Mohatla Phutas Tseki, the committee’s inquiry focus will be on the role of the province’s human settlements department in the delivery of houses.

The GPL said the inquiry will also look into the high number of protests linked to the increased demand for housing. The findings of the inquiry will include recommendations, which will be tabled for consideration and adoption by the Provincial House. 

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