Fulton Awards 2019 – call for nominations

15 June 2018

The time to show off projects and initiatives portraying excellence in concrete

is fast approaching and the Concrete Society of Southern Africa is now calling for nominations for the 2019 Fulton Awards.

The Fulton Awards recognise and honour excellence and innovation in the design and use of concrete.  Nominations will include any project/initiative that has been completed in 2017, or substantially completed in 2018. Judging will take place on-site in early February and March 2019.  A panel of seasoned industry experts have been selected to travel the country to evaluate each entered project worthy of an award. 

The Adjudication panel will comprise Prof. Mark Alexander, President of the Concrete Society; Stephen Humphries, Director, Nyeleti Consulting, and Daniel van der Merwe, Consultant Architect, PPC.

The focus of the awards and the adjudication will be on the material – concrete, and not on the project as a whole.  The Categories for the 2019 Awards are:

  • Buildings up to 3-storey

Residential, schools, commercial, warehouse, industrial, etc.

  • Buildings more than 3-storey

Hotels, Office Buildings, multi-family housing, etc.

  • Infrastructure up to R100 million project value

Bridges, water resources, marine structures, power, transportation structures.

  • Infrastructure > R100 million project value

As above, but of greater size and value

  • Innovation in Concrete on Projects

Projects where totally new materials/techniques/technologies/ applications/design and/or concepts, using concrete as the principal material have been utilised.

  • Innovation in Concrete

Initiatives where totally new materials/techniques/technologies/applications/

design and/or concepts have been developed

  • Architectural Concrete

Use of concrete as the principal construction material, demonstrating a unique and exceptional structure, surface finishes or particular detail, in an aesthetic manner.

The deadline for submitting Nominations is 31st August 2018 and this can be done on-line through the Society’s website at

Contact: John Sheath, Concrete Society of Southern Africa, Tel: 012 348 530 email: [email protected]

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