08 February 2024

Despite a challenging 2023, Fuchs Southern Africa is poised for continued growth in 2024, asserts MD Paul Deppe. This is off the back of the commencement of the next phase of its investment strategy, which will see a 40% increase in lubricants production capacity.

“We anticipate completion of this project by October 2024,” says Deppe. In addition, Fuchs completed a world-class laboratory earlier in the year and has upgraded its capability to manufacture greases as part of its continued commitment to innovation.

“Another milestone in 2023 was the successful implementation of SAP and go live with our new warehouse,” says sales director Andrew Cowling. “The new system will bring about improvements in process efficiency,” he says. Another avenue for growth is the export market in Africa, with Fuchs signing up new distributors to grow its footprint on the continent. However, external factors such as municipal service delivery, energy and water security, and logistics infrastructure continue to affect both supply chain management and the broader business environment.

Looking ahead to 2024, Deppe outlines a plan to increase Fuchs’ reliance on renewable energy, with around 25% of its electricity consumption anticipated to come from PV systems. The company is exploring other forms of renewable energy and is also investing in backup generators. In addition, the company is exploring using recycled oil to manufacture products, in line with the group’s commitment to sustainability globally.

Upcoming product launches include Calcium Sulfonate greases to mitigate the rising cost of lithium, and new offerings for agricultural machinery, reflecting Fuchs’ diversification into a range of markets.


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