06 February 2023

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Frumecar ends the year with great innovations in digitization for the concrete sector to optimize and simplify all processes.

The Spanish manufacturer of concrete plants, software and concrete mixers Frumecar continues to bet on innovation and digitisation of the sector as a basis for positioning its products in the international market. The result of this commitment to high technology is the incorporation into the market of numerous products and services based on industry 4.0 whose objective is to make it easier for its clients to manage their business. It achieves this with tools that optimize production, commercial and financial processes thanks to the use of automation and digital monitoring solutions and data management in the cloud.

Among the innovations presented this year are the new RealScale weighing measurement control system and the new advanced formula control module within its K2 plant automation system.

RealScale, a system designed to guarantee the correct operation of the weighing sensors in the production of concrete.

This new system makes it possible to detect any failure or error in the measurement sensors from the very moment it occurs and sends alarm messages to prevent incorrect dosages from being put on site. In this way, the serious technical and economic problems that can occur if there is an undetected weighing error are avoided: concrete resistance failures, inconsistency of the formulations, and more.

RealScale consists of exclusive Frumecar software that works in coordination with Siemens hardware, permanently monitoring the system from the K2 plant automation system, ensuring in real time that the weight of all preparations is correct, a guarantee of quality and peace of mind for the manufacturer and its customers.

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New centralised formula control system for concrete batch plants

Frumecar also has a new formula module integrated into its K2 systems that allows centralised and remote management of them. Thanks to this new specification, it is possible to simplify the process, reduce downtime and ensure the homogeneity of production in all plants if there are several.

This new formula module facilitates formulation control and concrete production management centrally. This new formula module facilitates formulation control and concrete production management centrally. Until now, these processes were usually carried out by the plant worker and are now programmed and supervised by an expert user with remote access to the formulation management of all their plants. This ensures that the concrete produced meets the required quality standards and eliminates dependence on the physical operator who is at the foot of the concrete batch plant.

The coordinated management of formulas and without interfering in the operation of the plants.

With this powerful tool, which Frumecar makes available to all its customers, all the formulas of all the concrete plants will be controlled in a coordinated manner from a single control panel. “Thanks to the new application, our customers can manage all their work formulas as if it were a single unit.” The application is designed so that the formulation manager of a company is able to manage all the formulas of one or several production plants from a central point in a transparent and simple way, without the need to interrupt production at any time, without depending on complicated and expensive network configurations.

This new programme allows a central computer to have access to the consolidated data of all the production plants, sending new data synchronously to each of them, working even with the plants turned off, thanks to cloud computing technology. In this way, greater efficiency is achieved and the correct handling of the formulations by an expert is ensured, freeing the plant operator from this task, which reduces the chances of error and facilitates his work by focusing him on the operational tasks and on the release of the scheduled orders.

Changes of scheduled formulations that avoid interruptions in the work of the concrete plant.

The Formulas application is capable of managing an unlimited number of plants from any computer with the client installed, allowing the master edition of formulas and synchronising all production data in real time or at scheduled times without loss or latency.

The interface and functionality are the same as in the plant program. The modifications and the work with the formulas do not interfere at any time with the daily production of the plant nor is it necessary to interrupt the work with the PC to update, add or modify any formula.

Thanks to this powerful centralised software, plants with a basic operator will be able to carry out production with all the data (formulas, customers, works, orders…) controlled from a main station, providing a world of optimization possibilities for the installations.

With Frumecar Formulas, it achieves that all the formulations of its K2 control system work in coordination with all the production plants operating centrally from a single control panel and formula management that operates without the need to stop the production of the plant, an advance that ensures the quality of production and improves the operational efficiency of the facility.

K2, the advanced intelligent control system for concrete production

Frumecar’s K2 system integrates these novelties allowing control of concrete production from start to finish, automatically. A system that provides solutions for each of the needs that arise throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Production planning: Optimize planning based on historical data and with the help of artificial intelligence. Get the most out of your facilities.
  • Mixing and proportioning of concrete: monitor production at all times and detect problems even before they have occurred.
  • Quality control: keep the quality of the product under control at all times, it is the basis of your customers’ trust.
  • Business management: integrate production and historical reports into your business planning and optimise your business strategies.
  • Monitoring and reports: a competitive advantage of great calibre, thanks to the complete reports of K2 it will be easy for you to carry out your strategic planning.

K2 is a system that provides solutions for each of the needs that arise throughout the manufacturing process. It allows you to replace manual processes by optimizing your operations thus saving time, resources and costs. It helps you gain visibility throughout the production process, allowing you to know how your production plant works in a simple and fast way. It helps you make forecasts that are more accurate and allocate resources more efficiently.

If your business runs multiple batch plants at different locations, with K2 you can manage them all as a single unit.

Frumecar is a Spanish company that designs and manufactures solutions for manufacturing, transportation and digital technology in the concrete industry. They offer their clients comprehensive solutions with a wide range of products and services that include concrete plants, concrete mixers, recyclers and software for plant, fleet and business management.

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