Festool’s BHC 18 Li Series the most Powerful Cordless Compact Hammer Drill

01 August 2019

Complete with great accessories to
convert to a normal drill plus unique nozzle dust extractor

This new Festool
drilling masterpiece has to be one of the best cordless hammer drilling
machines available today with all its unique attachments that do it all. 

according to its own laws Ergonomically C-shaped and balanced weight
distribution for greater ease-of-use at work. The integrated EC-TEC motor
technology provides optimum performance thanks to high efficiency. Vibration
damping absorbs impact energy before it is transferred to your hand. The new
BHC 18 hammer drill is the lightest in its class – with compact design and
optimum weight distribution. It is a real powerhouse machine, with its
impressive efficiency and the best power-to-weight ratio in the 18 V
category.  Designed for maximum working
comfort in all work situations

It comes with the
Festool Brushless EC-TEC motor that has integrated motor management for long
service life and high output. This drill uses top-quality lithium-ion battery
technology for the longest sustained usage. The combination of brushless EC-TEC
drive and integrated motor management produces an extraordinarily high impact
energy that can penetrate any concrete quickly and powerfully.

Main Applications

Its main
applications are for drilling holes with pneumatic stop for dowels up to 18 mm
in concrete, stone and masonry. Weighing only 2.6 kg and with excellent
balance, it is ideally suited for continuous use for interior fittings,
assembly and for securing thermal insulation composite systems. Drilling and
fastening without hammer impact, such as spot drilling tiles. Electrical socket
cutting up to Ø 68 mm in lime sand brick and masonry

Technical advanced battery power

The combination
of the high-quality 18 V Li-ion AIRSTREAM battery packs and brushless EC-TEC
motor with integrated motor management achieves maximum performance. The new
Festool Li-ion 5.2 Ah battery pack with AIRSTREAM technology guarantees faster
re-use of battery packs and thus guarantees interruption-free work – even for
energy-intensive applications such as sawing. This is because the new battery
packs have an integrated cooling duct, thanks to which the cooling time and, as
a result, the entire charging process can be reduced by up to 65% in
combination with the new SCA 8 rapid charger. Furthermore, they are extremely
robust with an integrated rubber frame to protect the workpiece and the battery
pack and, thanks to the charge indicator, you can always clearly see how much
charge is left in the battery. The 5.2 Ah lithium-ion battery packs in the BHC
18 can be used in all cordless devices in the same class. And vice versa.

New features

  1. Automatic LED lighting when operating the
    main switch for precision even in dark corners.
  2. Ergonomic grips with a second hand on the
    tool using the additional handle.
  3. Dust-free, residue-free drilling with a
    secure hold: Thanks to the drill dust nozzle and the patented dual-chamber
    system, drilling holes up to a maximum diameter of 12 mm in floors, walls
    and ceilings is effortless. A flexible joint piece ensures the optimum
    hose position and the foam rubber pad provides a secure hold even on
    uneven surfaces.
  4. Electronic speed control for adjusting to
    all types of materials.
  5. The EC-TEC drive concept generates an
    extraordinary amount of power while consuming extremely low amounts of
  6. Mechanical sliding clutch provides
    protection if the tool suddenly seizes or tilts.
  7. Impact stop allows manual deactivation of
    the impact function when drilling into wood or brittle materials.

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