Hilti: one memorable event after another

January 2016 saw the launch of Hilti’s magnificent new building in the Waterfall Logistics Precinct in Midrand coinciding with the company’s annual employee conference, the opening was attended by Hilti’s employees and partners from all around Africa.

“We have been very involved in designing the building,” says Hilti South Africa’s managing director, Dirk Dijkstra. “One of the main reasons we moved is because we have had several years of solid growth, out-performing our competitors. In 2010, we went from being everything to everyone, to a more focused strategy of spending time with our most loyal customers. This strategy has worked and business has doubled within five years.”

The new building has enabled Hilti South Africa to grow its Tool Service Centre, as the company’s reputation rests in part on its exceptionally fast tool repair turnaround time. “We are investing in our Tool Service Centre because we now have so many more tools in the market and we want to deliver on our turnaround time promise,” Dijkstra says.

The new building also features a 600-m2 Training Centre. All employee training can now take place in the new premises – as well as the training of Hilti’s partners in neighbouring countries. The Training Centre will also be used to train customers on how to use Hilti tools.

“One of the reasons we are the Top Employer in the construction services industry is the incredible training we give our people,” says Dijkstra. “While our Top Employer status really helps us to attract the right people, the inspirational new building will also play its part.” 

More information contact:  Tel: +27 11 237 3000 / 0800 023 331 / www.hilti.co.za