Exclusive tour of Nigeria’s Eko Atlantic City construction site

Totally Concrete West Africa offers first hand viewing of construction science, concrete technology and local building practices in Lagos State, Nigeria with an exclusive technical tour of the Eko Atlantic City construction site.  Click here to download the brochure to this exclusive event.

Register today! Seats are going fast and only registered delegates qualify to attend the technical tour.

Visit the Eko Atlantic City construction site

Visit the Eko Atlantic City development in Lagos where land reclamation work is already on track to create solid foundations extending over ten square kilometres. Eko Atlantic City will change the face of Africa and will help Lagos State transform itself into megacity by providing space for 25 million people to live and work in the region by the year 2015.

This is a unique opportunity to view and learn about the equipment and construction practices used at a local build site where one of Africa’s leading mega-projects is underway.

Totally Concrete West Africa gives you access to West Africa’s foremost users and producers of cement and concrete and offers technical training opportunities that will keep you up to date on local standards and construction practices.  

Diarise the dates and allocate the budget to be sure not to miss out on this unprecedented opportunity to improve your concrete design mix to achieve more durable construction in West Africa’s burgeoning construction marketplace.

Let’s build West Africa together!

Contact one of our team members today to secure your spot on: +27 21 700 4300 or malvin.kane@hypenica.com