19 August 2021

Werner Pumps has been supplying high-pressure jetting equipment for more than three decades and in 2019 added water recycling units to its range, which are becoming increasingly popular, particularly with existing clients looking to expand their businesses.

“Our Werner Water Recycling Units are 100% locally manufactured (except for the high-quality pump, which we import), like all our other units,” says Sebastian Werner, MD at Werner Pumps. “With wet and dry suction capacity and the ability to use water obtained from sewer lines onsite, they are an ideal solution for cleaning sewer and stormwater lines, and for municipal applications. We’re seeing that customers who have previously bought combination jetting and vacuum trucks from us are now looking for recycling units to expand their operations. We’re currently busy manufacturing a unit for a customer based in the Free State who already has two combi-trucks from us.”

Werner says that customers want the recycling unit for several reasons, from its larger capacity to the fact that it is more environmentally friendly and the ability to charge it out at higher rates. This is because the unit recycles water as it works, making the whole sewer-cleaning process quicker and more efficient.

“In the recycling unit, the polluted vacuumed water settles in the vacuum tank, where it’s filtered,” explains Werner. “The foreign matter is removed by the recycling system and almost all of the water is then recaptured for re-use in jetting. Our recycling unit saves up to 168.000l of clean water per 8-hour shift, depending on the specs a customer selects when we design their truck for them.”

As with all Werner’s truck-mounted jetting units, the recycling unit can be customised as required, with different size vacuum pumps available, as well as a range of optional extras, from toolboxes to remote-controlled hydraulic operation.

The recycling unit also offers versatility in the functions it can perform. Werner says that there’s a divide between the recycling section and the vacuum tank, which means the truck can be used for normal jetting or vacuuming when required.

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