Egypt to complete construction of 13 industrial complexes

22 January 2019

Egypt is set to complete 13 industrial complexes this year, out of 22 complexes the government aims to construct in accordance to the strategy set by the ministry until 2020.

Minister of Trade and Industry, Amr Nassar, said the complexes will be completed in 12 governorates and will have 4,300 industrial units. Nine of the 13 will be allocated to Upper Egypt which were left out during the past period.

The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) will develop 15 million square metres of industrial land across the region. The ministry will start work on the first phase of a textile industry zone in Sadat City and an industrial zone in Abu Zenaima in the South Sinai govern-orate this year.

The complexes comprise areas ranging from 50 to 600 m to meet the needs of small producers or micro-industries. “We seek to limit the idle capacities of factories and work on their operation, whether through expansion or manufacturing for others. This represents a great opportunity for small producers who wish to start their small projects,” said Amr Nassar.

The ministry has also established updated databases on the percentage of local components and the names of products and companies as well as the industrial registry numbers in both the Industrial Development Authority and the Federation of Egyptian Industries. This is aimed at automating the calculation of the percentage of local industrial components which is based on the added value of the product.

“We are studying the establishment of a national company to help small producers export their products, especially to markets associated with Egypt in trade agreements, namely the African market,” said the Minister.

Newly appointed Head of the Industrial Development Authority, Magdy Ghazi, said that so far the construction of four complexes in the cities of Badr, Sadat, Port Said and Mergham, Alexandria are complete.

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