01 October 2019

MetaCote is a new, smoother and more economic finishing
plaster that promises to take the South African market by storm.

According to Gavin Coulson, managing director of
Metadynamics, the innovative product sets a new benchmark for smoothness and
consistency. It is also a high purity product, containing 95% synthetic gypsum.

“MetaCote is a locally developed, high-strength gypsum plaster
used for basecoat and finishing plaster,” says Coulson. “In our trials, users
have been particularly impressed by its smoothness and longer workability. It
has certainly exceeded their expectations.”

He says it is ideal as a multi-purpose plaster for internal
applications onto brickwork, concrete blocks and dry walling. It is also a
perfect finishing plaster for sand-cement base coats. Layers can be finished
from 3 mm to 6 mm in thickness.

“We are sure our competitive pricing will make MetaCote an
attractive option not just for the larger contractors, but also for smaller and
emerging contractors,” he says. “We are equally confident that the product will
satisfy the end-consumer who wants a superior finish to their structures. It
will at the same time add value to the businesses of contractors and subcontractors.”

It will be available at major building material retail outlets
in 25 kg and 40 kg bags for easy mobility.

Coulson also emphasises the environmental benefit inherent
in Metacote. It comprises synthetic gypsum, rather than natural gypsum which
has to be mined. South Africa’s natural gypsum deposits are located in the
Northern Cape which adds transportation costs to the carbon footprint when this
is used. The synthetic gypsum used in MetaCote, by contrast, is sourced as a
by-product from phosphate fertiliser manufacture.

“Synthetic gypsum is also more eco-friendly than cement,”
he says. “The production of one ton of gypsum binder generates one tonne less
CO2 emissions and avoids the depletion of a further 1,5 tonnes of natural
resources when compared to cement.”

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