Dubai-US forge concrete research partnership

10 April 2018

The Dubai Municipality and the American Concrete Institute (ACI) have signed a deal to share research and development (R&D) on cement to increase construction efficiency.

Dubai Municipality signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with ACI to exchange research on a broad range of issues around concrete use in the construction industry. Under the agreement, both parties can use R&D on concrete to improve their respective construction sectors. However, Dubai Municipality did not say specifically how it could use US concrete research to improve Dubai’s construction sector, which is a vital pillar of the emirate’s economy.

The MoU states that both parties will share research and insight on concrete through various publications, meetings, conferences, websites, certification systems, and professional memberships. Both parties have agreed to sponsor joint awards to support the concrete industry and encourage participation in certification schemes.

Contact details and the specific tasks of concrete committees will be shared between Dubai Municipality and ACI officials in the US state of Michigan. Upon request, cement officials from the Dubai Municipality can attend technical cement committee meetings held by ACI and vice versa.

Visits and meetings between staff from both parties will be encouraged and supported, according to the Dubai Municipality.

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