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15 September 2022

dmg events

Today, leading events company dmg Events has announced a 3-year certification as a recognised Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Service Provider from the South African Institution of Civil Engineering (SAICE).

Typically awarded to higher learning institutions or education providers and associations, dmg Events has been awarded their first longer-term agreement as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Service Provider to provide not only SAICE members, but civil engineers across South Africa, with training at one of its many trade shows around the country.  

The company’s portfolio of products comprises many industry-leading events in the energy, construction, hospitality and design, coatings, and transportation sectors, including flagship events such as The Big 5 Construct, Transport Evolution and The Hotel & Hospitality Show.

dmg Events currently offers CPD accredited skills-building workshops at all of its events, working with prominent industry experts to provide extensively researched practical and technical content that equips visiting professionals with the knowledge to make their jobs easier and more effective. The new 3-year verification removes the need to approve workshop content on an event-to-event basis. 

“We are extremely proud to be awarded longer-term recognition by SAICE as a CPD Service Provider, which recognises our interactive event workshops as accreditable platforms to present learning activities for Continuing Professional Development,” said Vice President of dmg events Devi Paulsen-Abbott.

“This means that civil engineers can attend our event workshops – which are generally free of charge – to receive up-to-date, accurate industry knowledge, and remain accredited as per the body’s requirements.”

By providing high-quality, CPD-accredited content at their interactive workshops, dmg Events aims to empower professionals, drive performance, and facilitate industry innovation.

“This verification is a welcome recognition of the effective learning and development support that has existed at all of our trade shows for many years and speaks to the quality and reputation that we, as an event management company, have always strived to achieve,” said Paulsen-Abbott.

SAICE Head of Training, Tom McKune concludes: “Since the initial approval of the principle of continuing professional development many years ago, SAICE as an organisation has encouraged its members to keep abreast of developments and knowledge in their areas of expertise in order to maintain their competence. We welcome this opportunity to strengthen our ties with dmg Events, using the CPD framework to help professionals maximise their professional potential and overall business performance.” 

About dmg events

dmg events is a leading organizer of face-to-face events and a publisher of trade magazines.

The company aims to keep businesses informed and connect them with relevant communities to create vibrant marketplaces and to accelerate their business through face-to-face events.

dmg events organizes more than 80 events across 25 countries, attracting over 425,000 attendees and delegates every year. The company’s portfolio of products includes many industry-leading events in the energy, construction, hospitality & design, coatings, and transportation sectors. ADIPEC, The Big 5, Gastech, EGYPS, The Hotel Show and INDEX are the company’s flagship events.

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