25 November 2022

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Kwikspace, Africa’s largest supplier of prefabricated units, was contracted to provide a classroom and ablution units for Die Wingerd Primary School in Somerset West, Cape Town.

The prefabricated relocatable classroom, which measures 3.5 X 6 m, will accommodate approximately 10 learners. “Kwikspace was chosen to supply its prefabricated solutions as there is zero disruption to the school, which is not the case when constructing brick-and-mortar buildings,” explains JP Heyns, Kwikspace Account Manager, Cape Town.

“The unit was built offsite and delivery completed within one day.”

To get the unit onto the property, the school secured the services of a third party, which used a crane to lift the unit over the school wall,” Heyns added. “We then did siting and levelling, ensuring the classroom and ablution facilities were ready for their respective electrical and plumbing connections, which were carried out by a third party.”

The classroom, which took approximately one month from order to delivery, included whiteboards and a veranda area, with ablution blocks designed to cater specifically to the needs of both genders.

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