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29 May 2019

The demand for concrete flooring continues to grow at a robust rate, as
more commercial, retail and residential customers opt for polished concrete,
says diamond tools and equipment manufacturer Diamond Products director Brian Clark.

This robust growth is reflected in the company’s increase in sales of
tools and equipment used for concrete polishing, the number of projects
completed by large polishing contractors and the increase in specified polished
concrete floors by architects, property developers and homeowners, he adds.

This increase in demand has also been because of the benefits and
advantages that polished concrete floors offer, as they are more resistant to
high foot traffic and industrial machinery while displaying a high-quality and
aesthetically pleasing, polished finish.

Concrete floors are also stain- and slip-resistant once sealed, and
offer high light reflectivity, which saves energy by reducing artificial light
requirements and is useful for institutions that want to reflect a bright and
clean image.

However, as a relatively new flooring option in South Africa, Clark
notes that architects, developers and property owners lack sufficient knowledge
on how to specify the types of polished concrete floor required.

“With poor specification, expectations are not achieved and this results
in clients not being happy with the work done.”

Diamond Products spends a large amount of money and resources on
training for contractors and clients, as the company has in-depth knowledge of
the concrete polishing process, which it can translate into practice, adds

Diamond Products supplies machinery, equipment, tools, consumables and
sealants. Some of its products include single-head floor grinders, scarifiers,
hand-held grinding and polishing systems, triple-head planetary hand-held
polishers, triple-head planetary floor grinders and dust collectors.

“There is a huge drive from clients to install polished concrete floors,
especially in the industrial and commercial markets. In retail buildings, the
benefit of a polished concrete floor is its look, feel, ease of maintenance and

Such floors do not attract dust and are seamless, which means that forklifts can operate more efficiently in the industrial market, he points out, concluding that “there is a real and practical need for polished concrete floors”.  http://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/demand-for-concrete-flooring-continues-to-increase-2019-04-12

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