CONCRETE TRENDS – Building back

Reflecting on the past few months, there is certainly a buzz in the air, not only because we have welcomed in the new spring season, but because industry is starting to re-emerge from its COVID-19 hibernation.

While production capacity is ramping up, business leaders in the concrete industry are still acting cautiously, having had the past few months to carefully consider their next steps and redirect strategy towards a more sustainable long-term approach.

Pre-pandemic, there was already a noticeable movement toward increased environmental responsibility, as pressure on the industry to reduce carbon emissions mounted, specifically in the energy-intensive clinker production process. Coupled with this, the COVID-19 impact on demand and production capacity has led industry heads to consider the ambit of options to remain competitive and sustainable, as well as move towards carbon neutrality. This ranges from the early adoption of advanced technology to optimising supply chain, the benefits of which are featured in Concrete Trends Issue 3.

This edition of the publication brings to the fore the many facets of sustainability that the concrete and construction industry is embracing, from training as a vehicle to sustainable growth and job creation, to innovation and technology for optimised production and reduced emissions.

Women’s Month was also celebrated in August 2020, with Concrete Trends Issue 3 featuring some formidable females figures in the construction sector, whose contribution to the industry has added a vivid layer of perspective, promoting growth and diversity.

After months of lockdown and the knock-on slowdown, Issue 3 of Concrete Trends looks ahead to rebuilding in the spirit of sustainability and prosperity.

Features in this edition of Concrete Trends include:

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