28 September 2020

IPD South Africa has announced it can now supply IPD’s cryo-treated bolts, offering considerably longer life bolt with less internal stress and optimised tensile strength.

After introducing its cryo-treated C15 head bolt kit (C15CHBKFR), the response was so positive that the company also made cryogenic head bolt kits available for the 3500 engine applications (1310420-8FR). The cryo-treatment allows proper and even clamping forces across the cylinder head while reducing head bolt fatigue – extending the life of engines and keeping them running.

Cryogenic heat treatment is a carefully engineered process during which the temperature of materials is reduced to about minus 190° C. The components are kept at that temperature in liquid nitrogen to remove residual stresses. The temperature is then ramped back up to room temperature, followed by a mild heat treatment process.

IPD cryo-treated head bolts do not require any extra torqueing, as stretching does not occur. They are packaged in their own netting to prevent abrasions, and each cryo-treated head bolt has a blue dot on its head to show the user that it has been cryo-treated.

These IPD parts are made and cryo-treated in the United States, where each part is subjected to rigorous quality control and inspection processes led by IPD’s in-house quality assurance team.

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