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05 October 2022

Supplied by IndustryLink

The energy crisis and geopolitical instabilities are pushing  towards an innovative approach to critical minerals. The topic will be presented by Andrei Covatariu,  renowned international energy expert, at CarbonZero: Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials Global Conference and Exhibition 2022 (Nov 10-11), held at Pestana Palace Hotel & National Monument Lisbon. Mr. Covatariu’s views and policy analyses are constantly published and cited in international media. Together with other brilliant minds and top experts from the cement and construction industry the forum is set to find the best solutions for a clean future.

With a vast experience in energy policies and climate change expertise, Andrei Covatariu co-founded ECERA, a network of sustainability practitioners aiming to produce policy-relevant knowledge, helping governments, companies, NGOs, universities, and other organizations navigate the various facets of sustainability. Andrei has built his proficiency working with for-profit companies, but also with multilateral and international organizations – the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe – UNECE, World Energy Council; think tanks – Harvard’s Belfer Center; Middle East Institute; Centre on Regulation in Europe; Energy Policy Group, or NGOs as Climate Reality Project and Climate Interactive.

Andrei Covatariu: “For decades, energy security referred almost exclusively to a country’s mineral reserves and natural potential for energy, as well as to the physical/commercial links with other countries for ensuring domestic energy demand. The past decades have witnessed an increase in environmental concerns, determining national governments to invest in low-emission technologies, aimed to harvest and efficiently use local natural potential, making thus critical minerals vital ingredients.  Considering the current geopolitical, economic and social context, an extended conversation on these minerals’ role is paramount. I believe the “CarbonZero: Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials” conference is timely scheduled to address this salient topic.”

Olga Mititelu, Communication Manager, Industry Link: “The conference and exhibition will highlight in-depth topics around green alternatives in cement and construction, from alternative fuels to using alternative raw materials or clinker alternatives, giving a new life to old resources. We are pleased to have Mr. Covatariu joining CarbonZero, his highly appreciated background would assuredly be a key point of the event.”

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