15 September 2022

Supplied by Corestruc

Corestruc, a leading designer and erector of precast-concrete structures, has bolstered its crane fleet with new 150t crawler crane. The crane, which complements a 100t crawler crane and other smaller units in the company’s fleet, has already been put to service on one of Corestruc’s many precast-concrete reservoir projects, following a period of extensive load testing.

Corestruc’s tried-and-tested rigging and erection capabilities are an essential part of the company’s precast-concrete value offering that ensures tight production schedules are maintained when erecting these water-retaining structures. Completed in a fraction of the time it would take using conventional cast-in-place methods, some of these precast-concrete reservoirs are up to 50ML in size.

Corestruc’s tried-and-tested rigging and erection capabilities are an essential part of the company’s precast-concrete value offering.

Elmon Mdluli, a seasoned Corestruc mechanic, is part of the team responsible for keeping the company’s cranes in tip-top condition, and he was involved in the load-testing to ensure that the machine is ready for service. “Our cranes, especially the 100t and 150t units, are the workhorses on site, lifting and placing the many different precast-concrete elements that constitute the roof and the wall of the structure. This is done as and when the elements arrive on site according to a strict predetermined work programme. The 150t unit is definitely up to the task at hand. It has a standard boom reach of 82m and luffing jib of 31m, providing the clearance we need to work in built-up areas where limited space can be a challenge at times. The cranes have also been equipped with our own lifting tackle that has been designed by Corestruc’s engineering team for the efficient handling of the various precast-concrete elements that make up these reservoirs,” Mdluli says.

The crane is a Fushion QUY 150c. He says that Corestruc decided to procure the crane because it offered good value for exceptional functionality. “Chinese equipment manufacturers have become extremely competitive over the years, providing solutions that get the job done at an affordable price. A case in point is our 100t SANY crane, which is also manufactured in China. It continues to meet our expectations, in terms of high reliability and performance. Chinese machines are definitely up to standard, and they are supported in the field by our own technical team,” Mdluli says. Certainly, the acquisition of a new crane by Corestruc is indicative of the company’s healthy orderbook and outlook for the future. “This additional crane in our fleet provides us with the necessary capacity to keep pace with the high demand for our unique solution for fast-tracking the construction of reservoirs. This is at a time when municipalities are investing heavily in addressing a backlog in water infrastructure,” Willie de Jager, Managing Director of Corestruc, concludes.

The precast-concrete reservoirs are completed in a fraction of the time that it would take using conventional methods.

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