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30 April 2020

As we approach May 1, and the details of South Africa’s phased return to work become clearer, Concrete Trends is pulling as much information as it can into a single resource for all Construction Industry Stakeholders. Whether you are a Contractor, Manufacturer, Consultant, or other Supplier to the industry, Concrete Trends will bring you the information you need to reintegrate into productivity safely and responsibly, always keeping a keen eye on the project  pipeline ahead, as well those projects coming back on line.

Occupation Health and Safety

Although awaiting confirmation on the details, it is worth assuming that health officers will be deployed on all construction sites, with a set of rules to follow carefully, all in the service of minimising infection rates. Concrete Trends cover:

  • Occupational Medical Screenings
  • Safety Training and Awareness
  • Protective, Screening and testing equipment
  • COVID-19 Specialist Information, Resources and Professional Contacts

The Projects Pipeline

The Public Sector Project Pipeline is beginning to take shape – from SANRAL’s numerous roads projects to a promising renewal of energy into Public Housing. As these projects begin stacking upl and tenders are issued, Concrete Trends will keep you updated on how to access this information, and provide insights into the latest in innovative approaches to turning these projects around in the record time required – from precast structures to new materials. Both online and in our second print edition of 2020, this is your  go to resource to get the most out this recovery period.

An industry in transformation

As much transformation was central to sector, the drive to revisit transformation and see it work from the inside out has never been more urgent. Central to this is policy. Policy Certainty in particular. Concrete Trends has begun conducting the research and interviews within the leadership of the Construction Sector to go beyond correlating ideas, and start matching them up with what policies need adjustment to allow for a more meaningful commitment from all sides. This is an opportunity to participate in the debate: where to from here.

This multi-platform approach from Concrete Trends includes: a dedicated COVID 19 Recovery Toolkit tab on www.concretetrends.com, a managed repository providing easy access to all the information you need on an ongoing basis, supported by our newsletters and daily updates. Our new series of Webinars will bring you one-on-one contact with leaders and experts, ready to lay out the new Construction Landscape. Finally, our print edition of Concrete Trends, beginning with issue 2 of 2020, will bring you the roundtables, the interviews, the lists of resources and official announcements relevant to this moment in our history.

Nicholas McDiarmid, Publishing Editor, has a mandate to serve the Construction Industry in practicable way: “Whilst we gather all the materials we can, and find manageable ways of presenting them, I am very excited to work with all service providers to industry – especially those providing health and safety services and equipment – to get the important messages to the contractors engineers and consultants who need them. Equally, I want to help them get their message to the project specifiers – without this special important, we could all miss important details that ultimately could save lives.” Concrete Trends invites all service providers to the Construction Industry to get in touch with the editor and sales consultants to find the way that will work for them to be included in this special resource. “Ultimately, we are producing a document that all participants can be proud to be included in, making their contribution to a recovery effort that must see the best ideas and best changes taken up for the good of the industry as a whole,”  concludes McDiarmid. The publication will be produced to stand alone and used as an effective presentation and marketing tool, positioning all participants’ contributions squarely in the middle of a guided return to business.

The Construction Recovery Toolkit will be published as an internal, self-covered supplement in the next edition of Concrete Trends. It will also appear as a ring-fenced resource on concretetrends.co.za, with important distribution links on the leading Construction Expo websites: https://www.africanconstructionexpo.com/ and https://www.kznconstructionexpo.com/. Further online distribution will extend total reach over 20 000 Construction Industry professional, private and public, South Africa, Africa and beyond.

To get involved contact:

Nicholas McDiarmid, Publishing Editor on +27 21 700 5519 or [email protected] (Mobile 078 551 9535)

Johan van Wyk, Commercial Director, on +27 21 700 5501 or [email protected] (Mobile +27 82 589 6016)

Abel Tawanda, New Business Development Manager on +27 21 700 5510 or [email protected] (Mobile +27 81 584 1552)


Nichiolas McDiarmid, Publishing Editor.


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